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The Real Key To Weight Loss, No It's Not Diet Or Exercise

A number of studies show that stress is not only a powerful trigger for weight gain but also inhibits weight loss in people who're seemingly doing everything to get rid of the fat.

The Real Key To Weight Loss, No Its Not Diet Or Exercise

Its important to be stress free in order to lose weight.


  1. Harsh emotional experiences can be a barrier to your weight loss.
  2. Weight is about both physical and emotional management.
  3. Its important to get sufficient sleep and eat well.
If you are looking to lose weight, it's not just diet or exercise that will help you. Stress management and emotional balance are key to weight loss and research says that you may not be able to achieve your target weight if you are too stressed or upset. Psychology, surprisingly, plays a very important role in weight management. Psychologists point out that bullying, lack of willpower, negative-self talk and other such harsh emotional instances can become obstacles in your weight loss program.

Why is stress management important?

First, because when we are stressed we tend to overeat. When we are laid off from a job or have to deal with a divorce or injury, our body produces larger amounts of hormones like dopamine, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine, provoking us to eat more. Stress also means that our food moves slower through the digestive system and that less nutrients are absorbed from it. This is because our blood and energy is concentrated towards the fight or flight response, leaving lesser for digestion.

Second, since our body responds to our feelings, it's common to get an upset stomach in the time of a final examination. Or high blood pressure when you are experiencing a money crunch. All these bodily changes interfere with weight loss and prevent us from following a strict diet or exercise routine.

In a study conducted at the University of Kentucky, dieters who were taught stress-management techniques lost 17 more pounds of weight than another group that was taught healthy eating techniques.

This is proof that weight is more than just about eating right. It's about both physical and emotional management.

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Tips to help you become emotionally balanced

Sleep well: Apart from the direct benefits of sleeping for weight loss, a good night's sleep allows you to wake up well rested and energized, thus reducing stress in our body.

Increase your self-awareness: Use a journal to write down your fears, anxieties, doubts and accomplishments. This will help you in identifying the reasons for emotional imbalances. You will then be able to stop the cycle before it hampers your weight loss routine.

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Practice mind-body interventions: Yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques can bring your emotions in balance by calming your mind. This also gives you a chance to inspect your inner self and cultivate willpower.

So now you know. While keeping track of calories in and calories out is important, your emotions, if in imbalance, can prevent you from getting on top of your weight loss mission. Stay happier for quicker weight loss. 


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