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Trying To Lose Weight? Here's How Circadian Nutrition Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Luke Coutinho spoke about circadian nutrition, says it was a good way to lose weight.

Trying To Lose Weight? Heres How Circadian Nutrition Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Weight loss: Choose your diet plan according to your body type, says expert

So many of us go on a weight loss journey without proper knowledge and feel disappointed when we don't get the desired results. Well, if you are looking for ways to get rid of the excessive fat, fret not! Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho will fix it for you. In his recent Facebook video, Luke threw light on circadian nutrition, fat loss, and weight loss. He spoke about how one can use circadian nutrition to burn fat and lose weight. At the beginning of the video, he cautioned everyone that a great diet plan was not the only thing that they needed to focus on while reducing weight.

The journey of weight loss also required one to maintain sleep hygiene. He told his followers that they needed to do their share of exercises every day.

Luke said, “You can have the best diet and best workout but if you are constantly stressed, you'll find that belly fat is very difficult to lose.” But first of all, people need to understand the kind of body they have, Luke added.

He said the first rule of circadian living was trying to have dinner at sunset or within an hour after sunset. Also, not eating for at least one to two hours after the sun rises. It can work in different ways for different people.

He suggested the people can experiment for two weeks with two different kinds of circadian diet plans.

Week 1: Keep your carbs lower at dinner time and maintain protein and fat and observe how your body reacts. The next day in the morning, have high carbs with normal protein and fat

Week 2: Swap it over. In the second week, have high carbs at dinner with protein and fat. The next day in the morning, have low carb and high fat and protein mean normal fat and protein.

Follow this diet routine for two weeks, compare the two and see what works for you, Luke said.

Further, he told, by doing this, different people will get different results. But imagine doing this exercise and finding out once and for all, that your body responds to a better dinner that has more carbs, protein, and fat and a lighter breakfast that has protein and fat but low carbs or vice versa.

He said for the first week if you are on the high carb (at night), have jowar, bajra, millets and other such foods. While, when you are on low carb, you can have fruit, eggs. If you are doing high carb in the morning, have oats that are your good carb, fruit, protein and fat.

If you are on a dietary restriction, follow it. But for those who are struggling with fat burn and weight loss, this is what you should do.

Luke stated the reason and said that if a person does a heavy workout in the evening and then eats low carb at night, they would be killing their metabolism. They may get quick results but weight loss and fat burn are dependent on metabolism. It is, therefore, very important to understand what exactly suits the body.

Here's the video:

Luke keeps his followers informed on such health-related knowledge. So, just try to follow circadian nutrition and see what your body wants.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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