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Rujuta Diwekar Shares Two Big Mistakes We Must Avoid To Lose Weight

Ms Diwekar said these mistakes are really worth avoiding as they hinder weight loss and healthy living.

Rujuta Diwekar Shares Two Big Mistakes We Must Avoid To Lose Weight

Do not turn a regular workout regime turns into punishment.

Living a healthy life, losing weight is what everyone is looking for but often, we mix weight loss with healthy living. It is not always so. They are two separate ideas and weight loss is needed only for those who feel uncomfortable with their current weight and should not be rushed for quick results, health experts say. As we move ahead in the new year, we must avoid some health mistakes, said nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. In an Instagram post, she talked to two of her colleagues, who detailed one mistake each that people surely make while losing weight.

Ms Diwekar said these mistakes are really worth avoiding. “Other than delaying your fat-loss journey and fitness journey, other than making you feel deprived and dukhi (sad) and disturbed, they serve no other purpose,” said the nutritionist, before being joined by Ghazal Furniturewala and Naghma Nurany.

Here are the two main mistakes:

1. Setting Unsustainable Goals

Between December 31, 2021, and January 1, 2022, people start setting unsustainable goals that are most likely to be unrealised. While we celebrate New Year Eve with a bang, we carry that enthusiasm into the new year and set unrealistic goals. To lose weight we follow – sometimes extreme measures, such as cutting down on eating rotis and fats. A regular workout regime turns into punishment. At most, we are likely to follow this till February and by March we are back to square one. And, in April, we find ourselves double in size. So, take a sustainable approach, for the long-term. Eat local, seasonal and traditional.

2. Don't Reject Traditional Recipes

When we are on a weight-loss programme, we tend to dismiss most of the foods our parents and grandparents give us, saying “this is rich in sugar, that is rich in fat". We should stop doing that and, instead, respect every delicacy and the affection they carry. Make a note of the traditional recipes and learn how they are made and enjoy them to the fullest.

Check the video here:

Ms Diwekar regularly shares tips for good health on her social media accounts.

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