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Weight Loss: Nutritionist Tells 3 Facts About Body Weight That You Need To Know Immediately

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar demystifies body weight-related issues through three simple facts.

Weight Loss: Nutritionist Tells 3 Facts About Body Weight That You Need To Know Immediately

Weight loss: Your body weight fluctuates several times within a day

If you have been actively pursuing the goal of losing weight, you are well aware of just how herculean of a task can be. Losing weight is a challenge that has its ups and downs. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar lists out three important facts that you must keep in mind throughout the course of your weight loss journey. Rujuta shared a video on her Instagram timeline wherein she decodes certain body weight-related assumptions. During the course of losing weight, you may have noticed at times your body appears more bloated on some days than it does on others. Or, a sudden gain in weight on one day and a drop in weight on another day.

Rujuta answers all weight-related queries with the help of these three simple facts. In the video, she said, “Don't let your weight weigh you down.”

The three bodyweight facts listed by her are:

1.It (body weight) is not an indicator of fatness or fitness

2.Body weight fluctuates with the time of the day and with age

3.It is possible to stay healthy and fit at any bodyweight.

In a post shared previously, Rujuta tackled some common beliefs related to weight loss. The nutritionist shared some much-needed weight loss secrets that can help your power through your journey towards your goal weight. Talking about common weight loss myths, Rujuta said, “We are often told that eating less is the shortest route to health, wellness, and a good life. But this is not true.” She added, “In fact, if you eat less, there is a high chance that your cravings for chocolates, biscuits, and chips will increase manifold especially late at night.” Read all about how you can lose weight in a healthy manner here

Losing weight is possible through a combination of a healthy and well-balanced diet along with regular exercise. Rujuta, in a post, shared earlier on Instagram, spoke about making healthy and conscious food choices for a fit body. In order to do so, it is important for you to listen to your body's needs. Rujuta explained the important difference between hunger and cravings. She said, “Feeling hungry and having an appetite is a sign of good health which means your body is performing its natural functions. Feeling hunger is important but knowing when to stop eating is even more important and that is called satiety.”

Remember these bodyweight facts the next time you feel disheartened by the reading on the weighing scale. 

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