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Namrata Purohit Shares Top 4 Exercises To Improve Your Posture

Namrata Purohit recommends these exercises if you want to work on your posture.

Namrata Purohit Shares Top 4 Exercises To Improve Your Posture

To keep yourself healthy and improve your posture

A good posture goes a long way in keeping your spine healthy. Also, it boosts confidence and helps you keep various back-related problems at bay. But as we deal with the pandemic, more people are working within the comfort of home and this has meant lesser hours of physical activities, leading to back problems. Remaining seated continuously for long hours in front of the laptop and limited physical activity can play a role in creating health issues. Besides this, many people don't sit straight while working or even walk with bent shoulders. So, to keep yourself healthy and improve your posture, you need to keep working towards it regularly. Fitness trainer Namrata Purohit has shared four moves that you can perform regularly to set your posture right. 

In the caption, she mentioned, "With the amount of time most of the people spend on the desk, in a chair or on their phone, working on our postural muscles has become more important than ever before." Here are a few exercises to start training your muscles, added Namrata.

Namrata Purohit showed the following four moves you must do regularly to improve your posture:

1) Chair with shoulder squeeze

For this, you first mimic sitting on a chair. Then, raise both your hands in the upward direction. Move your hands a bit while also squeezing your shoulder blades together.

2) Plank shrugs

While doing this exercise, you have to come to your standard plank position except that here, you need to put your hands directly under your shoulders and lift yourself up in such a way that only your palms should touch the ground and then perform shoulder shrugs. To make it easier, you can try out the modified version wherein you can put your knees down and follow the same. You can continue this with a downward dog position. 

3) Breaststroke prep

For this exercise, you need to lie down flat facing the ground. Now, keep your hands on either side of your chest. You need to stretch your head and your torso up and down.

 4) Shell stretch

For shell stretch, sit as you sit in Vajrasana, stretch your hands and bend your body fully in the front.   

Take a look:

A full-body workout has a wide array of health benefits. Total body workouts or exercises burn more calories in a short time, build more muscle, increase strength and works wonders for your overall fitness quotient. Namrata Purohit once showed about four moves for a full-body workout in an Instagram Reels.

1) Plank push back

2) Lunge Balance

3) Squat twist

4) Inchworm + mountain climber

Namrata has adviced that you can do 10-15 repetitions and 3-5 sets for each move.

Once, Namrata Purohit also busted myths related to Pilates.

1) Myth - Pilates is like yoga

Namrata stated that the breathing style is different. Pilates is done on equipment too. It's quite different from yoga.

2) Myth - Pilates is only for women.

Many people believe that Pilates is only for women but it's wrong. In fact, Pilates was started by a man for men at war, she said. “A lot of men out there do Pilates,” Namrata added.

3) Myth - Pilates only works the core

This is not true. It's a full-body workout, Namrata stated.

4) Myth - Pilates is easy

To this, Namrata said, “If it's easy, it's not Pilates.” And if you find it easy, you are either doing it wrong or your instructor isn't giving you the right workout.

Ensure that you take adequate breaks between your workout routines and start slowly if you are working out after a long gap.

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