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Migraine: What Causes Winter Migraines And How To Deal With Them?

In this article, we discuss what could cause winter headaches/migraines and how we can deal with them.

Migraine: What Causes Winter Migraines And How To Deal With Them?

Migraines in winter can be caused due to various factors and can be irritating

Even while you may wish to enjoy the holidays as the year comes to a close, the winter season frequently brings its own set of ailments. Winters can be difficult for those who are susceptible to these widespread health conditions, from the flu to respiratory problems to dry skin. 

Winter headaches are one of the unforeseen issues that usually have an impact on our wellbeing throughout the chilly season. They frequently appear without notice and won't leave, ruining the atmosphere of this cozy weather. In this article, we discuss what could cause winter headaches/ migraines and how we can deal with them.

What causes winter migraines?

Changes in the weather for certain people may result in an imbalance of neurochemicals, such as serotonin, which can produce a migraine. In addition, weather-related stressors may make an existing migraine worse. 

You may understandably feel overwhelmed and irritated if you believe that the weather causes your migraines. Besides, the weather cannot be altered. However, you can take measures to decrease their impact by learning which changes in the weather trigger a migraine.

According to research, headaches increase in frequency during the winter because the low temperatures and brief sunshine hours might change the atmospheric pressure. The body's internal blood pressure system may shift as a result of this pressure change, resulting in headaches or migraines. Additionally, the cold winter winds can narrow the blood vessels and nerves inside the brain, which can also cause headaches.

Along with these factors, some other factors may also be responsible for this. Changes in the sleep cycle may also be a trigger. Cold dry winds for example can worsen your migraines. Dehydration is another cause of migraines in winter. We unconsciously consume less water in winter due to the cold weather. This can lead to dehydration. 

How to deal with winter migraines?

Now that we understand the factors responsible for winter migraines, we can better understand how to deal with them and even prevent them altogether. Here are some ways through which you can combat winter migraines:

1. Keep yourself warm

While it may seem obvious, many individuals don't really dress for the weather. Cold weather migraines can be brought on by the stress that being too chilly puts on your body, but merely feeling the cooler air on the face and head can also cause a headache. Particularly if the temp decreases below freezing, cover your head with a scarf and cap. To help stave against migraines, shield your face and head from the elements.

2. Get good sleep

Your sleep patterns might be severely disrupted by the time shift and less daylight in the winter. Try your best to create a regular sleep routine. A sufficient quantity of restful sleep aids in preventing and treating headaches. Good quality sleep in good quantity is the key to perfect sleep. 

3. Don't forget the medication

Use caution if you are using medications to alleviate your migraine pain. Rebound headaches can be brought on by overmedicating with prescribed meds or over-the-counter medications, particularly ibuprofen. The headaches you get from taking too many medications can be more painful than the initial discomfort. The underlying issue is that taking extra medication merely makes your headache worse and makes the situation worsen.

4. Workout 

Regular exercise can assist with migraines and headaches. Although, some might avoid working out as it can cause migraines if not done right. In actuality, regular exercise can actually help migraine sufferers. And the best part is that you don't need to exercise a lot to reap the benefits. A small change like taking a stroll a few times a week might have a big impact. 

5. Sunbathe

According to a study, many patients who suffer from recurrent migraines are vitamin D deficient. If it's not too chilly, you can spend some time outside. The winter weather is perfect for sunbathing. You can also eat foods high in vitamins, such as fish and eggs. You can also go the supplement way since they are readily available.

6. Drink ample water

You may become dehydrated much more quickly than usual due to the dry winter air and indoor heating systems, which might result in migraines brought on by the cold. Migraines can be stopped or prevented with water. During the winter, make sure to consume enough water or hydration drinks. If you have overindulged in sodium-rich comfort food and are experiencing the effects, water can also help filter your system.

Keep these points in mind if you want to fight off winter migraines. 

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