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Think Before You Drink! Calories In Alcohol Can Make You Gain Weight: Here Are Simple Hacks To Reduce The Damage

The nutritionist says, "These and so many more reasons or excuses we find to take that drink". Here are few simple hacks you should be following.

Think Before You Drink! Calories In Alcohol Can Make You Gain Weight: Here Are Simple Hacks To Reduce The Damage

Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible


  1. Drinking too much alcohol can deteriorate your health in many ways
  2. Avoid consuming extra calories when drinking alcohol
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible

We are almost at the end of Wednesday, or hump day as it is called in a working week, and many of us can't wait to dive into the weekend. Quick getaways or get-togethers with friends in the middle of a pandemic is a tad unrealistic, so the best we can do is watch movies or sports with some drinks for company. Many of us tend to overdrink when there's not much else to do and regret it the next day. But what if we told you that it is possible to lower alcohol's effect on your health? Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, in an Instagram post, has suggested a few hacks in this regard.

Pooja does not encourage alcohol at all, but for occasions such as weekends or parties where you really want to have a drink, she offers three pieces of advice:

1) Alcohol is already high in calories, so choose healthy substitutes for fried food on the side — salted chana, makhana or baked chips. Remember, fried food means more calories.

2) Alternate water with alcohol. This way you will end up drinking less alcohol and stay hydrated at the same time. You can also avoid nasty hangovers. But how would you trick your mind into drinking more water? Pooja suggests that you pour the water in a fancy alcohol glass.

3) Have your dinner early. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and can make us feel hungrier. You'll eventually end up eating more food and, that too, of the wrong kind.

The best way to ditch alcohol's damages is to avoid it altogether.

Watch Pooja's video here:

Earlier, she had shared the benefits of makhanas or water lily seeds, also known as fox nuts but often mistaken for lotus seeds. Pooja calls them “another stellar Indian superfood" because they are rich in fibre, protein, and micronutrients while being gluten-free and low in calories and fats. They can be a substitute for popcorn and are a healthy side to go with occasional drinks.

Pooja suggested, "Home roasted ones are better than the commercially flavoured ones as those may have a lot of added fats (that's why the masala sticks to it)”. You can carry these healthy snacks in a zipper bag and have them whenever you want to munch on something.

So, now you know how to grab your drink in a more health-conscious way!

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