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Looking For A Leg Workout? This Shilpa Shetty's Exercise Routine Is Worth A Try

This routine will not only boost lower body strength but also build endurance, mobility and hand leg coordination.

Looking For A Leg Workout? This Shilpa Shettys Exercise Routine Is Worth A Try

Exercise at home to stay physically and mentally fit


  1. A few modifications in exercises can make them fun
  2. Exercise with your friend to stay consistent
  3. Try this leg workout shared by the actress on Instagram

Lockdowns, online classes, and work-from-home have kept many of us stuck to our chairs and beds. We cannot even go to our regular gyms for our daily or weekly workouts, and even our home exercises are getting repetitive and, as a result, boring. Overall motivation to get up from our chairs and do a new workout routine gets even lower when you realise it's a Monday. But actress and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty Kundra's latest Instagram Reels is here to give us just the kick of motivation to get us on our workout mats, ready to start sweating.

Monday Motivation: Try this routine by Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Dressed in her usual chic workout attire, Shetty can be seen sweating it out with a powerful lower body workout, as was recommended to her by trainer Yashmeen Chauhan. So, what's the workout, you ask. It's fairly simple but oh-so effective. The actress calls it the "open and close squat challenge".

You first stand straight with your feet together and your arms diagonally up in a V shape. Then you step your right foot to the right side, squat, and take your arms down, crossing them in front of your waist. Step your foot back to the centre and stand straight, and repeat it on the other leg.

Do one set slow, then the next two sets in double the speed. Then do the fourth set slow again, and pick up the pace for the next two sets. Remember to inhale when you're up and exhale when you squat. Keep your back straight and your abs engaged in every squat.

According to her caption, this exercise will work on your cardio-respiratory endurance, your lower body muscles, shoulders, speed, agility, brain and body, and arm and leg coordination.

In all likeliness, we will probably be sweating through what Shetty might be pulling off effortlessly, smiling and glowing, but there's no doubt that this workout will give us a perfect kickstart to the week.

This is not the first time Shetty's Instagram has inspired us to get up and moving. We vividly remember this Instagram video where she showed us a potent yoga flow to fire up the abdomen and hamstrings, comprising the Gatyatmak Utthita Padahastasana and Naukasana.

With that flow, she taught us a way to boost core strength, get a hamstring stretch, tone our abs, while also strengthening our arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Give this workout a try and upgrade your fitness routine.

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