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Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! Here's What It Takes Hrithik To Maintain That Greek God Body

Happy Birthday to Hrithik Roshan, who is a fitness enthusiast and has often mesmerised his fans with his chiseled and toned body.

Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! Here

Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! He turns 45 today


  1. Hrithik Roshan celebrates his 45th birthday today
  2. The actor is a fitness enthusiast and follows strict workout regimes
  3. He believes in maintaining a balance in life

Hrithik Roshan, the handsome hunk of Bollywood turns 45 today! The Kaabil star with his charismatic personality has won many hearts through his acting, and more importantly dancing skills. An actor with a charming personality and pleasing attitude, Hrithik, today, is called amongst the aces because of films like Koi...Mil Gaya, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Agneepath, Bang Bang!, and Guzaarish.

Hrithik Roshan is also a fitness enthusiast and has often mesmerised his fans with his chiseled and toned body.

hrithik roshan birthday

Photo Credit: Instagram

Let's take a look at the actor's fitness regime:

Hrithik is known to do extremely rigorous workouts when he is preparing for his shoots. And not just his shoots, he seems to be of the belief that workouts are important no matter what situation life puts you in. It was just recently that he took to Instagram to share a picture with his father Rakesh Roshan at the gym. The post holds specific significance as Hrithik Roshan revealed in it that his father is suffering from early stage squamous cell carcinoma. Read the full post below. 

Speaking of his fitness regime, Hrithik includes exercises like squats, lunges, smith machine squats and single-legged squats regularly. He also includes cross fit training, sandbag drills, bungee sprints, sledge hammer drills, tire flips, t-bar anchor wings, kickboxing and much more in his fitness regime.

His diet regime

Hrithik is a die-heart foodie and is not a person who would miss on his favourite food for a perfect physique. The actor has a sweet tooth and is extremely fond of ice creams and chocolates. However, to maintain a toned body, he makes sure that his nutrition is on point at all times. 

In the post below, Hrithik talks about Zen and how it is the art of balance. In the caption of the post, he writes, "Zen and the art of balance. They do say it is the key to life after all." Hrithik is probably hinting here at the importance of maintaining a balance, and how it is the one and only secret to living a happy and healthy life. 

Whether it is about diet or exercise, it is important to not go into extremes. You need to maintain a balance in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Not exercising at all or exercising too much will both have negative impact on your body. You need to give your body the time for rest and recovery and also be physically active.

Same as the case with diet, where you need to have all the food groups in moderation. Entirely giving up on a particular food group like carbs or loading up on only one food group, that is proteins, for instance, will have negative effects on your health. 

Kudos to Hrithik Roshan for spreading such positive messages on social media. We wish you a very happy birthday! 


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