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Here Are A Few Guidelines On How To Deal With The Covid-19 Strain

Proper diet, isolation, water and professional medical advice are some of the ways to deal with Covid-19 if you are tested positive.

Here Are A Few Guidelines On How To Deal With The Covid-19 Strain

Staying home in quarantine ensures that the virus is not transmitted from you to others

 The Covid-19 virus and its different variants have marred populations across the world over the last two years. If tested positive with Covid-19, it's best not to make an uninformed decision about healthcare and medicine. Of course, consulting a medical professional is the best thing you can do. Apart from that, there are a few tips that can come in handy if you have tested positive for coronavirus. Dr Kiran has shared some tips from Dr Vishakha, who is working with Covid-19 patients.

In an Instagram post, Dr Kiran talked about the tips to deal with the Covid-19. Here are they:

1. Stay home and isolate

Staying home in quarantine ensures that the virus is not transmitted from you to those around you. In this way, you stop the spreading of the disease. Also, it ensures that your body gets ample rest to recover properly.

2. Take your Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc supplements and vitamin C doses are known for boosting and strengthening the immune system. That, in turn, helps to help the body deal with the virus.

3. Maintain hydration levels

Staying hydrated may sound like general advice. But for the body to deal with bouts of fever and throat irritations, which are symptoms of Covid-19, adequate water intake is important. In fact, diversify your water intake by consuming fruits and vegetables that are also high in water content.

4. Speak to a doctor regarding medication

The last thing you can do to cure Covid-19 is to mindlessly take medicines. Don't fall into that trap. Instead of popping over-the-counter pills and self-assessing your symptoms, it's better to consult a doctor who would prescribe you some medicines.

5. Eat well, including chicken soup

Take care of your diet and eat warm and fresh food. Chicken soup is great comfort food for these times.

6. Don't over-steam

Steaming is a good way to deal with Covid-19. But make sure you don't mix anything in the water from which you are inhaling the steam as that can cause irritation. Also, don't overdo the process.

Here's the video:

And, on top of everything, stay safe. 

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