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Here's What High Cholesterol Does To Your Body

Cholesterol is dangerous because it may end up becoming a reason for strokes and heart attacks, which are downright fatal. Know how cholesterol ruins your body and what you can do about it.


Always keep your cholesterol levels in check.


  1. Unhealthy food and lack of exercise are main causes of high cholesterol.
  2. High cholesterol may cause strokes and heart attacks.
  3. Blockage in brain, reduced blood flow and chest pain may also occur.
Although, Cholesterol itself isn't bad for you, the point is that its excess is, because up-to some extent, cholesterol is required by the body for the making of some hormones, Vitamin-D, and digestive liquids. High cholesterol has become a common problem in adults these days. There are many a causes of elevated cholesterol levels as in obesity, eating fatty/oily foods, lack of physical exercise, age factors and genetics. It is a dangerous problem as in the long run, it may end up becoming a reason for strokes and heart attacks, which are downright fatal. One must always keep the cholesterol levels in their body in check. It can be done by eating healthy food and exercising on a daily basis.

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Here's how high cholesterol is ruining your body:

1. Stroke

Accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries may block the blood vessel connected to the brain and therefore, cause a stroke.

2. Blockage in Brain

Excessive cholesterol may make a blockage in the arteries going to the brain, causing a brain blockage, and obstructing its functioning and growth.

3. Impact on Memory

Unwanted amounts of cholesterol in your body may cause mental impairment and dementia, ruining your brain's memory power.

4. Chest-ache

Lack of supply of oxygen-rich blood, due to elevated levels of cholesterol in your arteries may become a cause for moderate to severe pain in the chest.

5. Problems in Legs

Extra levels of LDL cholesterol may harden your arteries, therefore causing numbness in your legs. It may become problematic while walking, doing exercises etc.

6. Reduction in Blood flow

Since the build-up of cholesterol stiffens arteries, it restricts the amount of blood that flows through them, thus, reducing their blood-flow capacities. It may become a cause for many a problems in the long run.

7. Heart Attack

Cholesterol accumulation in the coronary artery may obstruct blood flow to the heart muscle. This way, the affected part of the heart muscle can die. This is exactly what causes a heart attack.

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