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Fitness During Festivities: Do You Gain Weight Overnight Especially After Parties? Here's Why

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra stated that gaining weight suddenly overnight, especially after parties, or a late dinner outside the home is logistically not possible.

Fitness During Festivities: Do You Gain Weight Overnight Especially After Parties? Heres Why

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Festive days make for the most wonderful time of the year. It is the time of the year when people tend to enjoy to the fullest. Let's admit, your daily routine goes for a toss during this time of the year. From late-night dinners to alcohol consumption, you get several opportunities to take a break from a restricted diet.

After a late-night party, many feel like they've put on weight overnight. Well, nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says that overnight gaining is logistically not possible. But, there are several reasons why you feel so heavy and even bloated. She shares a post on Instagram talking about the same.

In the caption, she says, “The party season is in full swing, however, the mornings after seem dreadful because of the weight that you gained overnight.”

Pooja, in the video, asks, “Do you end up gaining a kilo or more after having one dinner outside the home?” She then explains that logistically, it is not possible because that would require a surplus of 7000 calories in a day.

According to the nutritionist, here's why feel like you've gained a kilo or two overnight, at times:

1) The weight gain may be because of the excess sodium in the bakery food items. For example, delicacies like pizzas, burgers, chips, fries and also, sauces dips and accompaniments may have weight gain properties.

2) Another major culprit is alcohol. Yes, usually when you go out partying with your friends, you should know that the alcohol you are consuming is empty calories. Also, the accompaniments, are fried and salty stuff.

3) Pooja mentions that alcohol also dehydrates the tissues which cause the body to hold on to water resulting in water retention. Also, dinners outside the home tend to happen at a time that is much later than our usual dinner time which may be a problem yet again.

4) Another major culprit is the high-fat content. A dish as simple as a restaurant-made yellow dal does not compare with its homemade counterpart in terms of its fat content.

So, all these extra calories from the alcohol, the fat, the carbs along with the water weight result in you gaining weight overnight, Pooja adds.

So, if you want to remain in shape, it's important to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid eating late outside, as much as possible. Avoiding alcohol consumption may also prove to be good for your overall health.

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