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Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018: From Fitness Wearables To Nutrient Supplements, Best Health Care Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Some of the top health care essentials like vitamin supplements, fitness wearables, sportswear, organic foods, etc, will be available at 15 to 50% discounts exclusively for Amazon Prime Members.

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018: From Fitness Wearables To Nutrient Supplements, Best Health Care Deals

Amazon prime day sale 2018 started today at 12 noon


  1. Amazon prime day sale is exclusively for prime members
  2. Great offers are available for various health care products
  3. The sale is on for 36 hours

The e-commerce giant Amazon is back with its Prime Day 2018 sale. The sale is set to go on for 36 hours (starting 16th July, 12 pm) and will feature offers and discounts on a variety of health care products along with electronics, smartphones, furniture and home decor to name a few. The sale however, is exclusively for Prime Members on Amazon. This opportunity could be great for those who are looking forward to buy vitamin supplements, running shoes, wearable devices which can track your fitness, and much more.

Some of your major wellness essentials are going to be available at discounted rates. These include products like green coffee and its organic variants, apple cider vinegar, knee caps, nutritional milk powders, post and pre workout supplements, hair care essentials, skin care essentials, supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, oral hygiene care products, sexual health care products and much more.

Vitamin supplements

People can avail some great offers on Amazon Prime Day 2018. Most people in today's times are unable to meet their daily nutrient requirements through food. Vitamin supplements and multivitamins are even more important for men. Many multivitamins and vitamin supplements are available at 30 to 40% discount.


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Fitness machines

Fitness machines like tredmills are available at as much as 50% discount on Amazon Prime day 2018. For those who despise the idea of going to the gym, this might be your chance to bring the gym home at much less prices.


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Hair care

Hair oils, hair creams, shampoos, conditioners, etc are all essential requirements for taking care of your hair in case you are experiencing hair loss, grey hair, male pattern baldness, etc. Many hair care products are available at discounts 25 to 50% on Amazon Prime Day 2018.


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Skin care

A minimum of 25% off is offered on numerous skin care products. Products for sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc are available at discounted price and exciting deals.


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Protein supplements

Many people resort to protein supplements when they are willing to gain muscle mass. Different varieties of whey protein in different flavours are available at discounts ranging from 25 to 50%.


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How does Amazon Prime sale work?

On Prime Day 2018, all Prime Members of Amazon can visit their website or Amazon app and look for various promotions such as Blockbuster Deals, Deals with Exchange Offers, up to 45% off, Deals and No Cost EMI offers, Daily essentials sale, Prime Day Recommendations, Deals Picked For You, and Deals in Popular Categories. There is also a category of Lightning Deals, in which products are available in limited quantities only for a short period of time.

Some products which are listed in the Lightning deals get sold out within minutes, as most of them are popular items say fitness gear, sportswear, etc. Speaking of Deals of the Day, selected products are discounted for one day only.

For availing these exciting discounts and offers, all you need to do is sign into your Amazon Prime account. Click on the Prime Day 2018 tab or search for categories Diet and Weight Loss, Skin & Beauty, Healthy Living etc.

In case you are not a Prime Member, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Membership. The e-commerce website offers a free trial for 30 days to new Prime members. The membership costs Rs 999 for a year. There are also monthly subscription plans of Rs 129 which you can avail. Airtel offers Prime Membership for free to some of its customers, as does Vodafone.

Once you get Prime membership in your hands, you become eligible for Prime Day 2018 discounts, offers and deals. Avail some of the best health, nutrition, fitness and wellness products from Amazon, now!

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