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This Friendship Day Help Your Friend Quit Smoking

Friendship Days 2019: Looking for a perfect friendship day gift? Ensure your friend's health on this occasion by helping your friend quit smoking. This can be the perfect friendship gift you can give to your friend.

This Friendship Day Help Your Friend Quit Smoking

Friendship Day Gifts: Smoking can affect your health as well as the people around you


  1. This friendship day ensure the health of your friend
  2. Help your friend quit smoking and ensure a healthy life
  3. Reward your friend when he or she finally quit smoking

Friendship day is around the corner. Are you also looking for a perfect gift for your friend? Ensure your friend's health this friendship day. The health hazards of smoking are well known. You may have so many people around you who smoke on a regular basis including your friends and family. If your friend is a smoker and you are not paying attention then you must worry about your friend's health. This friendship day make the best out of the occasion and help your friend quit smoking. This occasion is the best way to convince your friend to quit smoking finally. Ensure the health of your friend this year and support them throughout the journey. This can be the best friendship day gift for your friend.

Friendship Day: Ways to help your friend quit smoking

1. Distract their attention

Whenever your friend feels the urge to smoke, distract his or her attention immediately. This will prevent them from grabbing a cigarette again. You can talk to your friend and get him or her indulged in a conversation. Assign a work or simple play a small game with your friend to keep him/her away from smoking. You can also go for a short walk or simply enjoy a healthy snack.

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2. Ask them to call you

Smoking cravings can hit at any time of the day even in your absence. For such situations ask your friend to call you whenever he or she wants to smoke. A conversation can be the best distraction for your friend. Friends have endless topics to discuss so you can have a different topic to start every call. A phone call will also relax your mind and your friend's as well. It can be your stress reliever.

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3. Explain the health issues

You cannot force your friend to quit smoking overnight. It is not possible to quit smoking suddenly. You can but encourage your friend by explaining the health hazards of smoking. The ill-effects of smoking can encourage your friend to quit. Also, try to explain your concern and how you are worried about your friend. As smoking can even lead to severe complication like lung cancer you should explain every complication of smoking to develop the need to quit.


Friendship Day Gifts: Show your concern and help your friend quit smoking
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4. Reward them

If you notice any improvement you must reward your friend to motivate them. You can go out and have fun. You can also gift something to your friend when he or she finally quit. Small rewards in between can be an excellent motivation for your friend. Give something your friend loves to make them feel it was worth the efforts invested.

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5. Be supportive and try to stay with them

Your friend may experience many tough times during the whole process. You need to be supportive at such times. At such time be with your friend and try to explain them the whole purpose behind this. Also, try to spend more time with your friend to provide the required support. Your availability also matters and it will give more strength to your friend.

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