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Five Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem

Read to find out five absolutely amazing health benefits of Neem which will make your life a lot easy.

Five Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem

Neem is the most amazing antidote for everything

Since ancient times Neem has been considered as the perfect antidote to all ailments out in the world. From a severe physical injury to bad breath, the mighty Neem has tackled it all. Neem is a major constituent in almost all of Ayurvedic medicines and responsible for many cures. Every part of the plant, from its top most leaves to the thick bark, has a medicinal quality within it. It is rightly said as one tree pharmacy. Read below to find out how this miraculous tree can help you in every way with its myriad solutions and benefits.

1. Wounds - It's paste if applied on the injury is one of the best method to prevent any infection. It's called wound healer for a reason. You just have to make a paste out of its leaves and apply the green sap on the injured area. It'll do wonders soon it would appear as if your injury didn't even happen.

2. Skin - It is also used as a skin toner. It can also clear acne, scars, pigmentation and black heads. The leaf extract has many anti-bacterial properties and regular use can cure many types of skin diseases. It is also capable in curing several types of skin fungal infections. It also helps in moisturising the skin.

3. Weight loss - Neem flower juice has been scientifically proven to help lose weight. These flowers boost your metabolism and thus accelerate the breakdown of fat. Mix this juice with lemon or honey and your weight loss process will be further catalysed.

4. Hair - It is also a good anti-microbial agent. It is deadly against head lice. It protects your scalp from oxidative stress caused by the free radicals. Neem leaves have antifungal properties, which work effectively against the dandruff causing fungi called Malassezia.

5. Oral Health - From its leaves to its twigs, Neem is very good for our oral health. Due to being anti-bacterial it works against the germs and maintains the alkaline level of our saliva. It is effective against gum infections and also brightens your teeth. From bad breath to mouth ulcers, Neem has defeated it all.

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