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Fitness And Diet Secrets That Birthday Girl Anushka Shetty's Swears By

Baahubali star Anushka Shetty does yoga to stay lean and eats lots of green vegetables as part of her daily workout and diet regime

Fitness And Diet Secrets That Birthday Girl Anushka Shettys Swears By

Anushka Shetty makes sure she includes yoga in her daily workout regime


  1. Anushka Shetty turns 36 today
  2. The Baahubali star believes in Yoga as an effective way to lose weight
  3. Anushka works out for minimum 30 minutes daily

Anushka Shetty, our gorgeous beauty from the south turns 36 today! The Baahubali star has been on the top of filmmaker's list down south and she is also among the select few who are competitively at par with their male counterparts. Born bought up in Mangalore, Anushka began with her stint in acting in 2005. She became an instant hit in Tamil and Telegu films. While she rose to popularity with her role as Devasana in the Baahubali series, Arundhati, Vedam and Billa are a few of her other blockbusters.

However, sustaining as a superstar in showbiz is no child's play, and Anushka does her part in being in shape at all times.

Here are few fitness and diet secrets that Anushka's swears by:

Yoga and daily exercise 

Anushka is well aware of the mental and physical benefits of yoga and she makes sure that she includes yoga in her daily workout regimen which spans a minimum of 30 minutes. Her workout regimen includes rigorous cardio combined by weight training to keep her muscles toned and in shape. 

Strict focus on diet

Anushka is someone who truly believes in 'what you eat is what you become'. So, she includes a lot of leafy greens and green vegetables in her diet plan, which we are assuming is all the reason for her natural glow.

Besides, her diet regimen also includes a healthy mix of fruits and fluids to maintain the balance of sugar and carbohydrates in her body. To stay away from cravings and those unwanted calories, Anushka has at least 5-6 meals in a day that help her in feeling full.

Anushka strictly recommends having the last meal of the day before 8 pm. She believes that eating at least 2-3 hours before bed time helps in improving digestion and overall fitness.

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Kudos to Anushka's simple yet helpful workout regimen! We wish the Baahubali superstar a very happy birthday! 


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