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Festive Season: 8 Tips To Keep Diet Healthy During Festivities

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet during this time can be challenging, but with a few expert tips, you can stay on track .

Festive Season: 8 Tips To Keep Diet Healthy During Festivities

Add enough protein to every meal to prevent overeating

As the festive season is approaching, many of us find ourselves surrounded by appealing treats and savory feasts. It's a time for celebration and tasty delicacies, but it's also essential to maintain a healthy diet among the festivities.

We understand that maintaining a balanced and healthy diet during this time can be challenging, but with a few expert tips, you can stay on track and enjoy this festive season guilt-free.

Healthy diet tips for the festive season

1. Add a source of protein to every meal

It's easy to overeat calories-dense unhealthy foods during the festive feast. To combat this, make sure to include a source of protein in every meal. Your blood sugar levels will be stabilized by protein, preventing energy dips.

2. Incorporate salad to every meal

Including a salad with your main dishes can help you fill up on low-calorie, high-fiber foods, reducing the temptation to overeat on less healthy options.

3. Practice portion control and avoid overeating

Listen to your body's hunger signals and stop eating when you feel satisfied, not stuffed. Use smaller plates to help control your portions and prevent overeating. This simple hack can make a significant difference in your calorie intake.

4. Opt for better and healthier food choices

Among the alluring spread of festive delights, make an effort to choose healthier options. Choose foods that are grilled, steamed, or baked rather than fried. For instance instead of deep fried refined flour Poori, have Poori made up of whole wheat flour and bake or air fry them.

5. Combat bloating with fennel seed water

Feeling bloated after a big meal is a common occurrence during the festive season. Combat this discomfort by sipping on fennel seed water. Fennel seeds have digestive properties and can help ease bloating and indigestion.

6. Stay active and incorporate in house work

It's important to stay active during the holiday season to keep up a healthy lifestyle and burn those extra calories. Even simple household tasks like cleaning and decorating can help you burn calories.

7. Embrace homemade meals and delights

Compared to restaurant or fast food options, homemade meals not only taste better but are also healthier.

Make homemade treats and snacks like baked gulab jamuns, air fried nutri samosas to enjoy during the festive season with your loved ones. It's a thoughtful gesture that guarantees you have access to healthier options.

8. Stay hydrated

During celebrations, proper hydration is frequently forgotten. It's essential for overall health and wellbeing, though. Drink at least 3 liters of water all day long to maintain your hydration.

In conclusion, it is entirely possible to maintain a healthy diet during the festive season if you use the right methods and outlook. You can take part in the festivities without hampering your health by incorporating these tips into your festive routine. Remember that moderation and mindfulness are key to a successful and delightful festive season.

(Kajal Aggarwal is a Clinical Dietician, PCOD expert and Founder of Dietician Kajal's App)

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