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Female Fertility: 5 Myths About Egg Freezing Debunked

Egg freezing helps preserve a woman's egg reserve by allowing her to freeze and store healthy eggs for future use.

Female Fertility: 5 Myths About Egg Freezing Debunked

Egg freezing is not a surgical process

In recent years, we have witnessed a slew of conversations revolving around egg freezing, with scattered correct and incorrect information loosely available in the public domain. It has not only created ambiguity but also raised concerns about the procedure. As egg freezing is still a relatively new concept, several misconceptions may influence one's decision to secure their chance of fertility with it. Several celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Upasana Kamineni, Mona Singh and Ekta Kapoor, among others, have made headlines by choosing egg freezing. With increasing popularity, people must burst the bubble of myths and be accurately informed about the concept. People may think it is a process to delay pregnancy, while it is a way to plan your life and parenthood better. By debunking these myths and providing accurate information, people can understand the benefits of egg freezing and make informed decisions that align with their life goals.

Here are some of the myths about egg freezing:

1. Egg freezing will finish the egg reserve

Egg freezing helps preserve a woman's egg reserve by allowing her to freeze and store healthy eggs for future use. Contrary to the myth that it depletes a woman's egg reserve, the stimulation medications used during the process can preserve a portion of her existing egg reserve by preventing eggs that would naturally be lost in a menstrual cycle from being discarded. By preserving eggs at a younger age through freezing, women can potentially increase their chances of successful pregnancy in the future as their ovarian reserve naturally declines with age.

2. Egg freezing is a treatment for women in their mid-30s or later

Women are born with a finite number of eggs, and as time passes, both the quality and quantity of eggs are compromised. Hence, it is always better to freeze sooner rather than later. The idea behind egg freezing is to preserve your fertility when your eggs are at their prime quality. If you know you might want to get pregnant after your mid-30s, aim to freeze your eggs now-don't wait for their quality to decline.

3. Egg freezing is a surgery that may leave scars or marks on your body

Egg freezing is a very simple ultrasound-guided procedure that takes merely 5 minutes. It doesn't involve a surgical knife and leaves no marks. It is a personal choice that is available to any woman who wishes to preserve her fertility.

4. Egg freezing is too expensive

It is one of the biggest myths about egg freezing. The cost of egg freezing is less than undergoing other procedures or having no chance of getting pregnant. Financially, egg freezing may end up being a good investment. When you freeze your eggs, you may avoid the need to spend lakhs later on repeated IVF treatments.

5. Egg freezing guarantees pregnancy success

Pregnancy success depends on several factors. Freezing your eggs alone may not ensure it. While egg freezing can increase the chances of having a biological child, it does not guarantee pregnancy success if other factors are not supportive. The quality of the frozen eggs remains the same as at the time of freezing.

In conclusion, debunking the myths surrounding egg freezing is crucial for women to make informed decisions. It is imperative to consult with a specialized doctor and conduct thorough research before making any plans.

(Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar, MBBS, MD (ObGyn), Medical Director of Infinite Fertility, India's first Center of Excellence for Egg Freezing)

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