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Feeling Dizzy? Here's Are Some Possible Causes Of Dizziness You Need To Know

Dizziness is a common problems which is often a result of some health condition. Read here to know the possible causes of dizziness.

Feeling Dizzy? Heres Are Some Possible Causes Of Dizziness You Need To Know

Avoid moving at different places when you are experiencing dizziness


  1. Dizziness is can be a result of iron deficiency anemia
  2. Do not miss other symptoms accompanied with dizziness
  3. Seek medical help if dizziness continues for a long time

Dizziness is a common issue faced by many which can make you feel unbalanced. It can lead to symptoms like lightheadedness, loss of balance or unsteadiness. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. It is not a particular disease but can be a symptom of some other conditions. The treatment also depends on the cause of the condition. In this article here are some possible causes of dizziness and healthy condition it is associated with. Also, know when you should see a doctor.

Some of the possible causes of dizziness are-

  1. Dizziness is often associated with vertigo which is often caused by a sudden change in position.
  2. Anaemia due to iron deficiency can also make you feel weak and dizzy
  3. Fluctuations of blood sugar levels also lead to dizziness particularly low blood sugar levels
  4. Dizziness is also a sign of low blood pressure
  5. Someone suffering from ear infection may also experience lightheadedness
  6. Migraine and anxiety are also two of the possible causes
  7. Poor blood circulation and neurological conditions
  8. Too less calorie consumption
  9. And certain medications or too much alcohol consumption

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Too much consumption of alcohol may lead to dizziness
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When to see a doctor?

In some cases, continuous dizziness can be a sign of some serious condition. If you are experiencing some other symptoms along with dizziness like vomiting, change in vision, numbness, pain in chest, loss of consciousness, headache, neck pain or change in hearing ability, you must visit your doctor. If you have experienced any head injury recently then you must check with your doctor if experiencing dizziness.

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If you feel dizzy suddenly, avoid moving and rest at one place until dizziness goes away.

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