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Expert Shares Healthy Diet Tips For Working Moms

For sustained energy levels and enhanced productivity, it's crucial for mothers to maintain a healthy diet.

Expert Shares Healthy Diet Tips For Working Moms

Keep a stash of healthy snacks to curb hunger pangs

The lives of working mothers often balance professional obligations with family responsibilities, demanding resilience and strength. To sustain energy levels and enhance productivity, it's crucial for mothers to maintain a healthy diet. A balanced diet, including a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains for carbohydrates, dals, pulses, milk, curd, and a handful of almonds for protein, supports physical health, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and ensures long-term well-being.

Here are some diet tips for working women:

1. Make almonds your friend: Eating almonds is helpful for working women as they are rich in nutrients. Packed with protein, healthy fats and fiber, almonds promote satiety and help to regulate body weight and blood sugar levels. Additionally, the vitamins present in almonds support immune function and skin health.

2. Plan ahead: Schedule time for meal planning and prepare well in advance over weekends, to ensure that nutritious options are readily available during the week. One of the ways to ease this process is by maintaining a week-wise booklet with a variety of nutritious food options for each week, offering you choices for good health.

3. Rely on quick and easy meals: Say no to rushed eating by setting aside time for meals to help proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. You could also prepare in bulk and refrigerate healthy home-cooked meals that can be reheated, saving time on busy weekdays.

4. Carry healthy snacks: Keep a stash of snacks like almonds, fresh or dry fruits, and puffed rice with roasted channa to curb hunger and avoid reaching out to unhealthy options.

5. Choose nutrient-rich foods: Choose whole grains (unpolished rice, whole wheat rotis, millets), proteins (dals, pulses, nuts, seeds, dairy, egg), fruits, and vegetables as the foundation of meals to provide essential nutrients and sustained energy.

6. Believe in mindful eating: Practice mindful eating by savouring each bite, listening to hunger cues, and avoiding distractions like mobile phone, television, etc, to foster a healthier relationship with food. Stop eating when your stomach is about 75% full.

(Sheela Krishnaswamy is a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant)

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