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Exercising After Covid-19 Recovery? Try These Simple Exercises By Fitness Expert Yasmin Karachiwala

The fitness expert shared some exercises on Instagram that you can perform post-covid recovery.

Exercising After Covid-19 Recovery? Try These Simple Exercises By Fitness Expert Yasmin Karachiwala

Do not perform high intensity workout just after recovering from Coid-19


  1. Perform low intensity workout at home after consulting your doctor
  2. Eat a healthy diet to help your body recover effectively
  3. Take advise from our doctor before starting exercising post covid

After a successful battle with COVID-19 many are still sceptical to get back to their regular workout routines even after recovery. Given the toll that the infection takes on the body, one would be wise from indulging in high-intensity exercises. However, there are ways that you can perform simple exercise routines that will strengthen you but not tire you out excessively. Shedding light on such workout routines is fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala. In her latest Instagram video, the expert who recently battled COVID-19 said, "I would like to share with you some of the exercises that I did when I recovered, which really helped me increase my lung capacity and make my body less stiff."

Exercising after covid recovery: Try these exercises

Stressing on the need to start slow, she said, "I started these exercises very slowly with low intensity doing only as many reps as my body felt comfortable doing." She added that she was also constantly listening to her body, and said that it "is the most important thing any of us can do post-Covid".

Here are the exercises that form Yasmin's post-Covid routine:

1. Abdominal Breathing Diaphagnatic

2. Lateral Lung Breathing

3. Side Bend - Single Lung Breathing

4. Cat & Cow - Spine Mobilisation

5. Twist & Hold (Spinal Rotation with Breath)

6. Mini Swan - Thoracic Extension

7. Hip Flexor Stretch (Releasing tightness due to sitting all day)

8. Butterfly Stretch - Stretch Hips, Glutes, Groin & Inner Thigh)

The celebrity trainer also demonstrated the said exercises. Take a look.

However, Yasmin clarified that she had only experienced mild symptoms of the disease and urged people to consult their doctors if they were still recovering from the ailment. She said, "Do note that my symptoms were mild. If your symptoms are not mild or you are yet to fully recover, please consult your physician/doctor before doing any of these exercises."

She also stressed on the importance of consulting a doctor and not self-medicating.

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