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Do Dark Elbows And Knees Bother You? Here Are The Causes And Treatment

Dr Jaishree Sharad listed various causes behind dark elbows and knees.

Do Dark Elbows And Knees Bother You? Here Are The Causes And Treatment

Tight clothing can also make your elbows and knees darker

There is nothing new about dark elbows or knees. It is a common skin condition many people have and it is harmless as well. But the question is does it bother you. A lot of us notice that our elbows and knees are relatively darker compared to the surrounding area (arms or legs). Most of us feel very uncomfortable with the hyperpigmentation. But before doing anything about it, you need to know the possible causes. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad, on Instagram, highlighted the various causes behind dark elbows and knees.

Here are the causes of dark elbows and knees:

1) Constant friction: There are many factors and constant friction between the skin and a surface may cause your elbows and knees to become darker.

2) Tight clothing: Tight clothing can also make your elbows and knees darker.

3) Build-up of dead skin cells or dirt: It's evident that if you do not clean yourself properly, dirt is going to settle and make the skin darker over time. Sometimes, a build-up of dead skin cells also does the same.

4) Excessive exposure to sunlight: If you don't take proper care of your skin by applying sunscreen, the excess sunlight may harm your skin, turning it darker.

5) Hormonal imbalances in case of diabetes, PCOS: Many people who suffer from diabetes experience dark patches on the skin. Also, women, with PCOS, go through a lot of hormonal disbalance, resulting in darker skin.

6) Atopic dermatitis: This is a skin disorder that involves itchy inflammation of the skin. This could be a reason for dark elbows and knees.

Things to avoid:

1) Avoid using bleaching creams, scrubbing and loofas: Sometimes, bleaching creams are very reactive and don't suit everyone's skin. Scrubbing skin or using loofas may damage the sensitive outer covering of your body.

2) Avoid sitting cross-legged or resting your elbows on the table: Try not to sit cross-legged and avoid friction by keeping the elbows on the table constantly while working.

How do you avoid the darkening of elbows and knees?

1) Moisturise: You must include moisturiser as a mandatory product in your skincare regime. It keeps nourishing your skin and helps in keeping it healthy.

2) Use pigment lightening creams: These pigment lightening creams help you ease your complexion and get rid of hyperpigmentation to some extent.

3) Opt for TCA or Salicylic acid peels: TCA or Salicylic acid peels help you achieve a brighter and fresher complexion.

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So, if you have dark elbows and knees, now you know the possible causes and ways to deal with it.

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