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Doctor Shares The Pros & Cons Of Various Hair Removing Methods

eep reading as Dr. Geetika shares different kinds of hair removal methods.

Doctor Shares The Pros & Cons Of Various Hair Removing Methods

Shaving is one of the most common methods of hair removal

Other than possibly reducing sweat odour, you really don't need to get rid of your pubic hair for sexual or similarly sexually-related health concerns. In the end, pubic hair grooming comes down to personal taste.

However, a lot of people, including both men and women, have pursued it across all spectrums. To help us better understand what method of hair removal is ideal for us, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta shares the pros and cons of various pubic hair removal methods.

You have a lot of options at home for shaping or shaving your pubic hair, but keep in mind that none of them are long-lasting. Even with some of the most harsh medical treatments, hair usually grows back unless the loss is due to an underlying medical problem. If you want to maintain it, be prepared to make pubic hair removal a regular.

One of the simplest methods of hair removal is shaving, which only requires a clean blade and some cream or gel. Tweezing, also known as plucking, is slightly more involved and uncomfortable than shaving, but it also uses less supplies, is quicker, and is less messy if you only need to trim or shape your hair briefly. Keep reading as Dr. Geetika shares other kinds of hair removal methods. 

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You are encouraged to do sufficient research and speak to a professional before trying a new method of hair removal.

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