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Chewing Gum For Weight Loss: Truth or Myth?

No doubt, chewing gums give you fresh breath and help reduce stress, but can they help you lose weight too?

Chewing Gum For Weight Loss: Truth or Myth?

Know how chewing gums can help you lose weight

Chewing Gums are handy, refreshing, and a good way to cut time. But what if we tell you there’s more to them than it seems. We’ve all heard it at some point or the other that chewing gums help you lose weight. But, we can’t just take anything on face-value when it comes to our health and wellness. We need facts on the table before we can actually start relying on anything. No doubt, chewing gums give you fresh breath and help reduce stress, but can they help you lose some undesired pounds too? 
Well, short answer is a yes, with terms and conditions applied. The point here is that you can’t fall in the trap of believing that you’ll lose weight by mere chewing of gums, without caring to exercise and having a healthy diet. Well, it’s not that simple buddy. Remember what they say, “No pain, no gain.” But yes chewing gum can help you with your weight-loss plans in a couple of ways and they are:

1.    Checks your hunger
When you constantly chew gum, you’re less tempted to eat time and again. In short, it manages your hunger, and you only feel hungry when you should.

2.    Controls Sugar Cravings
Chewing gums give you constant supply of sugar, that too in a very limited proportion. This way, your sugar  cravings are satisfied without making you munch on that big chocolate bar or that tempting ice-cream scoop, therefore checking your calories-intake.

3.    Chewing gum Instead of Unhealthy Snacks
A smart way to deal with your snacks cravings is to throw a chewing gum into your mouth. This helps you avoid big-calorie snacks and keeps you satisfied (at-least psychologically).

Excess Is Bad
“Excess of everything is bad” is what they say, and so is the case with chewing gums. Though checked consumption of chewing gums may help you manage hunger and control cravings, overdoing it may cause you more bad than good. Chewing gums contain laxatives such as sorbitol which may cause problems such as diarrhoea and pain.

In A Nutshell
The bottom-line here is that though, there are many benefits of chewing gum as in hunger-management and check in sugar-cravings, one mustn’t expect too much from it. It should be taken as an additional tool in helping you lose weight. It’ll show results only when it’s coupled with healthy diet plans and exercise regime. Otherwise, you’ll simply end up (chewing and) wondering why those belly-tires are not going anywhere.

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