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Need Healthy Breakfast Ideas? Refer To This List 

If you are looking for breakfast plans that are healthy and make you ready for a long day at work, take a look at this list.

Need Healthy Breakfast Ideas? Refer To This List 

Eggs on toast is a great breakfast alternative

There's a reason why they say that one must have breakfast like a king. One of the most important points to remain healthy includes waking up early and gorging on a delicious and healthy breakfast. You may compromise with dinner or have light meals during the day, but you must never skip breakfast. Many people have different ideas about breakfast since every household follows a certain way of eating food. If you are looking for good breakfast ideas that will give you a boost of energy, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares an interesting list. 

She mentions in the caption, “The right breakfast can do both - meet your nutritional needs and keep your energy levels high. A typical healthy breakfast consists of a variety of foods — whole grains, low-fat protein or dairy sources, and fruit".

She also suggests avoiding high-fat foods like fried ganthia, chaklis, fried dosa, stuffed parathas, puri bhaji, batata vadas, medu vadas for your breakfast as they take longer to digest. And the longer it takes for digestion of any food, the more it diminishes your mental energy, the nutritionist adds.

Take a look:

A look at 5 breakfast options for an energy boost:

1) You can have egg on toast with mint-coriander juice right when you are gearing up to kickstart your day.

2) According to Anjali Mukerjee, if you like desi breakfast options going for moong dal dosa with green chutney and tomato-carrot juice could be a great option.

3) Gobi paratha with curd and ash gourd juice is yet another wonderful breakfast meal that you can savour.

4) If you are someone who prefers a light breakfast, you can consider relishing one boiled egg along with 5 to 8 almonds. With that, sip a glass of tomato-celery juice.

5) And then there is the simplest and healthiest of breakfasts. You can always go for a bowl of fruits.  

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