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Brain: Try These Yoga Asanas To Improve Brain Function

See how yoga for memory and focus could enhance your overall brain function.

Brain: Try These Yoga Asanas To Improve Brain Function

Our brain health is influenced by our lifestyle choices

Every muscle in your body needs exercise. Almost all bodily processes, including speech, thought, movement, and emotions, are managed by the brain. The brain must be active to operate at its best. 

Yoga for the brain is one of several effective strategies to increase brain function for enhanced memory and focus. Continue reading to see how yoga for memory and focus might improve your general brain function.

Practice these yoga asanas for better brain health:

1. Halasana 

  • Lie on your back
  • Place your hands on the side
  • Slowly lift your legs up
  • Continue to bring your legs up while keeping them straight
  • The aim is the carry your legs over your head and be able to place your toes on the ground above the head
  • At this point, you may hold your hand crossing
  • During this position, your back also must lift off the floor
  • Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and release
  • Repeat a few times

2. Shirshasana

  • Kneel down and grip onto your elbows
  • After that, lower the arms to the floor directly beneath the shoulders
  • Maintaining the position of the elbows, bring your hands together and interlace your fingers to create a triangle with your arms
  • Keep your elbows from flaring out
  • With the hands clasped behind the head, place it on the ground
  • Straighten your knees, point your hips upward, and curl your toes
  • Approaching your shoulders is the first step
  • The right knee should be brought into your chest, followed by the opposite knee
  • Your back will become straight as a result
  • Lift your legs to the heavens as you take a breath
  • While maintaining your feet a little in front of you, straighten your legs upward
  • Bring your attention to a stable point, ideally one that is at eye level
  • Take slow, smooth breaths and maintain the position for however long is comfortable

3. Paschimottanasana 

  • Sit straight in your legs straight in front of you
  • In this position, your feet's soles should be facing front
  • Slowly bring your torso closer to your legs and as far as possible
  • You can use your hands to hold your feet, this may increase how far you can reach
  • In this position, your stomach and chest are supposed to be touching your thighs
  • Your face can be facing the front or towards the legs, whichever may be comfortable
  • Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and sit back up
  • You can repeat it a few times based on your convenience

4. Setu Bandhasana

  • Put your feet firmly on the ground while lying down on your back with the knees bent
  • Legs should remain hip-width apart at this point
  • With the palms facing down, position your hands at your sides
  • Inhale, then gently lift your hips off the floor while rolling your spine up
  • Press your feet firmly into the ground
  • To raise your hips higher, try to tighten your hips
  • Return to your normal position after holding this position for 4–8 breaths

5. Vrikshasana

  • Stand straight
  • Raise your arms the hold them straight toward the ceiling
  • Now lift either one of your legs and place your feet on the other thigh
  • You can rest your right foot on the left knee on the side or anywhere from that to the thigh
  • Ideally, your foot should be as far up on your thigh as it can get
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 4-5 times minimum

Add these yoga asanas to your workout routine for not only better brain health but also overall physical health.

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