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Brain: Can A Head Injury Or A Concussion Lead To Brain Tumour?

If you have a brain injury of any type, such as a concussion, it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

Brain: Can A Head Injury Or A Concussion Lead To Brain Tumour?

A head injury could lead to brain tumour

Damage to the head from an injury may result in glioma, an extremely rare but commonly aggressive kind of brain tumour. The evidence is mixed, but there may be a link between head trauma and a rise in the prevalence of brain tumours. It involves genetic changes that interact with brain tissue inflammation to change how cells behave and raise the likelihood that they may turn cancerous. Let's understand how a head injury or concussion could increase our risk of brain tumour. 

When the brain changes or moves within the skull, usually as a result of some form of trauma, this causes a concussion. When your automobile is rear-ended and your head snaps forward due to the velocity, or if you hit your head during a fall, you could experience a concussion. 

They are a hot topic in professional football and surprisingly prevalent, especially in sports. However, concussions may be riskier than previously believed, particularly when it comes to your risk of stroke, according to research. 

Although concussions can be difficult to recognise, there are specific symptoms that distinguish them. These signs can be divided into four groups: cognitive and memory, physical, emotional and mood changes, and sleep.

Here are some of the common symptoms of a concussion:

Physical symptoms of thought include headache, blurred or fuzzy vision, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and noise. Thought symptoms include difficulties concentrating or feeling slowed down when thinking. Regarding feelings, keep an eye out for irritation and despair. Changes in sleep patterns can include sleeping more or less than usual or having difficulty getting asleep. 

It's possible that you won't even notice these symptoms if it's your first concussion because they are just transient. The best way to recover from any type of traumatic brain injury (including a concussion) is to rest, get plenty of sleep, avoid physically demanding activities, take a break from contact or recreational sports, and ease slowly back into normal activities. Despite this, they are still worth keeping in mind.

It's important to prevent repeated concussions because they raise your risk of stroke over time. Concussions have been linked in numerous studies to an elevated risk of stroke. Although the precise process connecting the two is yet unknown, researchers have several suggestions. 

One is that the brain's ability to automatically control blood flow is hampered by the traumatic brain injury. Another is that the damage causes tiny blood clots called microthrombi to form in the blood arteries inside the brain.

A very uncommon but frequently aggressive type of brain tumour called a glioma may be caused by damage, according to key molecular research from the UCL Cancer Centre. Although there may be a connection between head trauma and an increase in brain tumour incidence, the evidence is conflicting. 

The UCL team has now discovered a potential explanation for this, one that involves genetic changes working in tandem with inflammation of the brain tissue to alter cell behaviour and cause cancer. Despite the fact that this study was mostly conducted on mice, it suggests that it would be crucial to investigate whether these results apply to human gliomas.

Brain malignancies called gliomas frequently develop from neural stem cells. It has been suggested that brain cell types that are more developed, like astrocytes, are less likely to develop tumours. Recent research, however, has shown that injured astrocytes can revert to stem cell activity.

Hence, it is essential to seek medical help if you experience a concussion and continue to experience its symptoms. You may need to contact a doctor if you have recently experienced a serious head injury.

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