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5 Symptoms Of Stress You Didn't Know You Had

Stress can make your life living hell, probably it is doing that already. Check these symptoms of stress which you might have.

5 Symptoms Of Stress You Didnt Know You Had

Symptoms of stress can be varied and evasive but if you look clearly, you can find them

Stress can never be good. It makes you feel pent up and ready to explode. Most of us don't even realise that we're under stress. The mild discomfort we feel is not taken seriously and completely ignored. Here's the thing - stress can be cured but the initial step is you need to accept your situation. Remember the fact that unless stress is cured within time, it can cause serious medical ailments. Read the list of symptoms of stress given below and if you feel you experience the same signs, go and take medical counsel.

1. Insomnia - It's one of the most common symptoms of stress. You might have difficulty in sleeping for no apparent reason. It is not necessary that every stressful person suffers from this condition. Stress causes hyperarousal which upsets our natural sleeping cycle. Moreover, further lack of sleep increases one's stress and the conditions keep worsening.

2. Headache - It's the small everyday things which sneak up to you quietly and cause you stress induced headaches. Moreover, these stress originated headaches can pave way to other serious problems which are not as easily curable as these. These are generally called tension type headaches. Moreover, stress can also act as a trigger for migraine for people who already have that condition.

3. Hair loss - Anxiety is termed a long-term stress and is a major cause for hair fall. Some people tend to pull out their hair unconsciously under stress, a condition known as Trichotillomania. But in many cases large clumps of hair fall out on their own, another condition called Alopecia Areata. However, the good news is that these conditions are not permanent and can be easily reversed too.

4. Stomach aches - When your body is stressed it directly affects your digestion and causes constipation and intestinal health problems. Stress has been found as a major reason for irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Menstrual Irregularities - Periods already mess up your mood and the cramps can be very unpleasant. But stress can worsen your menstrual condition. Stress can even cause your period to completely stop, a condition called secondary amenorrhea. It can cause you permanent fertility problems. Stress can make your periods appear at irregular intervals and the cramps also get very uncomfortable.

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