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3 Common Foot Problems: Know Their Causes And Treatment

Foot problems are often overlooked. Here are some of these common problems and tips to deal with them.

3 Common Foot Problems: Know Their Causes And Treatment

Wearing wrong footwear can lead to pain and aches

Our feet are very significant part of body and also the most ignored part of the body. Until foot is not injured we don't realize it is importance. As after injury we are unable to function properly. Every body part should be given equal importance and should be taken care of. Feet are that part of the body that goes through lot of dirt, germs, dirty sock and what not. Also, we often underestimate the effect our feet can have on our health and body and hence it is important to analyse the effect it has on our system.

The foot is divided into 3 parts: -

1. Heel (Bottom view)

Heel is the tenderest part of our feet and needs to be provided with the right amount of cushioning and comfort

2. Arch (Midfoot)

Arch are the natural shock absorbent for our body and maintaining good arches are important for good health and mobility

3. Metatarsal (Forefoot)

The area which comprises of our toes are called metatarsal and plays an important role in maintaining your GAIT (walking posture)

Common issues are:

1) Flat feet

One of the biggest issues faced by the population in India and globally is Pes Planus which is popularly known as Flat Feet. If one has flat feet which can be of varying degrees it can lead to pain in the ankle and subsequently transfer to the knee or lower back.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that our feet are arched and hence we should wear arched footwear so that our arches are well supported. If you are wearing shoes, you can wear insoles with arch support to ensure your arches are in good shape as also it will support your feet.Also , there are exercises available for maintaining your arches that should be followed also for maximum benefit.

2) Bunion

Another very common issue faced by a reasonable population is Bunion which is an extension of your bone at the base of your big toe and can cause medium to severe pain. Bunion is usually caused by wearing tight or ill-fitting footwear and is predominant in ladies and young women.

3) Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is an inflammation of the fibrous tissues along the heel of your feet and plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the heel part of our feet is very sensitive and needs to be specially taken care of to avoid any heel pain.

Heel pain can be very severe and it has been observed that certain patients experience shooting pain in the heel area when they get up and put their feet on the ground in the morning. So heel pain should not be ignored and should be treated on time.

If you follow these simple steps which consist of wearing the right footwear and exercising to keep your feet in good condition will ensure you can keep foot pain away and stay active irrespective of your age.

(Dr. Devesh Dholakia is a Orthopedic Surgeon & Spine Specialist and a Medical Advisor at CMM- yourfootdoctor)

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