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You Can Avoid Heart Attacks! This Is How

You can prevent heart diseases by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are some lifestyle changes to help you protect your heart and prevent a heart stroke.

You Can Avoid Heart Attacks! This Is How

Its possible to take cardiovascular disease from high risk to low risk


  1. The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood to various parts of the body
  2. Its important to eat a healthy and well balanced diet
  3. Keeping track of your symptoms is also essential

Current life is complicated and loaded with deadlines, responsibilities, stress and excessive work pressure. Did you know that your demanding lifestyle may bring in serious diseases like heart problems and strokes? These days they are a common story. It is sad to see that even younger population is getting afflicted with it. This article talks about how you can lower the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

Following are some of the things you should do in order to keep heart attacks and strokes at bay:

1. Exercise everyday

Exercises are ideal and help in the most natural way to curb attacks. Divide your week - exercise for 5 days for 30 minutes every day and do lifting weights for the other 2 days. If you have tight schedule then take quick 15 minutes' walk in the morning and after lunch.

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Physical activity is good for your heart
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2. Set a weight loss goal

Remember if you are obese, chances of heart attacks and strokes are marginally higher. You are required to be highly strict with your weight management. When you lose weight, you also improve your cholesterol level, blood sugar level and blood pressure. This is very integral for a healthy heart. So set up a reasonable goal for losing weight and also, in this regard, consult your dietician to help you.

3. Never skip your heart medicines

It is not really any rocket science but it is important to understand that people take medications very lightly. People do not follow the time table as prescribed by their doctor. This has its own share of side effects and may cost your life. Take medicines on time and consult your doctor from at all intervals.

4. Eat Well

Healthy diet is very crucial for strong body and mind. By maintaining strict diet, you will be able to lower risks of heart attacks and strokes. In your diet, add whole grains, fruits &veggies, fish and lean meats. Keep processed food away from your diet as they are high on sugar and salt.

5. Do not smoke and limit your drinking habits

Smoking has harsh effects and raises the chances of heart attacks and strokes. If you smoke, quit it right away. You can talk to your doctor for this. When you quit smoking, you also do a favour to your family as passive smoking is equally injurious to health. Drinking alcohol is another threat to one's health. Too much of alcohol simply welcomes heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke.If you are a woman, limit to just one drink and if a man, then just two.

6. Eat lesser chocolate

Chocolates especially dark ones are recommended. These are filled with nutrients which help your heart to stay healthy. When you consume chocolates, make sure you take in small quantitiesso that you do not put on weight.

7. Keep a track of your symptoms

Always keep a note to the signals your body is giving. If you feel breathlessness, excessive fatigue or changes in the rhythm of your heart then talk to your doctor immediately. Also, check if you are facing pain in your back or jaws, feeling nausea, sweating, or finding flu-like symptoms.If you feel any of these symptoms then meet your doctor without any delay.

Listen to your body and understand every signal it is giving. Set up your goal right now to stay healthy today and always.


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