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International Yoga Day 2023: Expert Recommends These Yoga Poses For Good Eyesight

On International Yoga Day 2023, let's take a look at the yoga asanas that can help improve your eye sight.

International Yoga Day 2023: Expert Recommends These Yoga Poses For Good Eyesight

Prolonged exposure to digital screens can lead to various eye related problems

International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21 every year. The day promotes the health benefits of yoga and states reasons why you should be practicing it daily. 'Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' or 'Yoga for the Welfare of All as One World-One Family,' is the theme for the International Yoga Day 2023. Yoga can help improve overall health in many ways. Some yoga poses are specifically good for your eyesight. On International Yoga Day 2023, we spoke to Dr. Vijay Mathur, Senior Consultant at Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals to understand the benefits of yoga for eye health. Let's take a look at the yoga asanas that can help improve your eye sight.

International Day of Yoga 2023: Yoga for better eyesight

Yoga poses that specifically target the eyes can help strengthen the eye muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce eye strain caused by excessive screen time.

"Prolonged exposure to digital screens and inadequate rest for the eyes can lead to various eye related problems like dryness, irritation and deterioration of vision. Incorporating yoga into daily your routine can offer natural and effective solutions to minimize these issues," Dr. Mathur said.

1. Palming

One of the recommended yoga poses for eye health is Palming. It involves rubbing the palms together until they become warm and then gently placing them over closed eyes. This process helps to relax the eye muscles and relieve eye strain.

2. Trataka

Another beneficial pose is Trataka, which involves gazing at a specific point or object without blinking. This practice helps to improve concentration, focus and eye coordination. It is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing weak eye muscles or difficulties with eye movement.

3. Blinking

Blinking exercises are also highly recommended to combat dry eyes and improve tear production. Regularly blinking at a fast pace for about 20 seconds helps to lubricate the eyes and prevent dryness.

4. Eye rotation

Additionally, eye rotations are effective in strengthening eye muscles and improving binocular vision. By rotating the eyes clockwise and then anti-clockwise in a smooth and controlled manner, individuals can enhance blood circulation to the eyes and relieve strain.

While performing these yoga poses, it is important to maintain proper posture and breathe deeply. Ophthalmologists advise incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, especially for those who spend long hours in front of screens.

With the increasing reliance on digital devices in today's world, taking proactive measures to maintain eye health is essential. Yoga poses tailored for the eyes offer a natural and an accessible way to protect and strengthen the eyes, ensuring optimal visual well-being.

As yoga continues to gain popularity worldwide, integrating eye-focused poses into regular yoga practices can help individuals prioritize their eye health and overall well-being.

Dr. Vijay Mathur, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals

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