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Mental Health: Should You Seek Couples Therapy? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

Get a better idea as we discuss and outline signs and reasons why seeking therapy might be beneficial.

Mental Health: Should You Seek Couples Therapy? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

Therapy can help you better understand and resolve issues in your relationship

Going to couples counselling can seem like a very big decision. It entails making the difficult and sometimes frightening acceptance that your relationship is not on the best track. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with what therapy entails, it may seem enigmatic and difficult and may require a lot of work.

Though one or both parties believe it could be a good idea, they frequently put off going to a marriage or couples therapist because they are unsure of how to go and whether their particular issues can actually be solved. 

You might have a lot of questions regarding whether or not you should seek it altogether. You might also be unsure what couples therapy entails. Get a better idea as we discuss and outline signs and reasons why seeking therapy might be beneficial. 

Here are some signs that you should seek couples therapy:

1. Lack of trust

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons behind couples seeking therapy together. Overcoming a break of trust and loyalty can be really hard for both parties. This can make trusting them almost impossible. 

2. Poor communication 

Communication and being open to your partner is a huge aspects of a healthy relationship. If you choose to be with someone, it is important for you to feel comfortable communicating your feelings to each other. Although communication and trust building might take time, lack of communication later in the relationship might be a sign that things are not like you would want them to be. 

3. Lack of emotional intimacy 

Emotional intimacy and comfort are huge and important aspects of a relationship. This emotional intimacy takes time and trust to build and can pan out differently for different people. However, a lack of emotional intimacy after its establishment may be a sign of relationship issues. 

4. You're arguing more often

Arguments might be normal to some extent. However, there is a significant difference between a fight and a disagreement. Arguments and fights can often aggravate and cause irreparable damage to your relationship with your partner. Arguing often can also become mentally and physically straining for both of you. 

5. Lack of physical intimacy 

Similar to emotional intimacy, physical intimacy is also a prominent aspect of a relationship. Now, the presence of physical intimacy and comfortability does not limit to sexual intimacy but includes it. Lack of physical touch or any sexual issues may be an indication of relationship issues. 

6. You're arguing over the same issues

It is important to be heard and respected during a relationship. If there is something bothering you in your relationship, you should be able to communicate that to your partner and make a positive change together. If you find yourself having to vocalise the same issues, again and again, that might mean your partner is not reciprocating your needs.

7. It's stunting your personal growth 

A toxic or troubling relationship can significantly and negatively impact your personal health and growth. An unhealthy relationship might be too mentally exhausting which can lead to you performing poorly in other aspects of your life. 

Keep these points in mind if you might be struggling with your current partner or might be having trouble communicating. 

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