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Mental Health: Here's How Poor Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health

In this article, let's discuss how poor mental health can affect our physical health.

Mental Health: Heres How Poor Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health

Mental Health: Poor mental health can affect your ability to care for your overall health

Although both our physical and mental health are crucial to our total well-being, their relationship is sometimes misinterpreted. Physical and psychological health are connected. Health is a status of physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of sickness. 

Many people don't aware that mental diseases have a direct impact on physical health because of misconceptions about the relationship between physical and mental health. Mental disease encompasses a wide spectrum of psychological concerns, from mood disorders to behavioural problems, and goes beyond simply feeling depressed or anxious. 

On the other hand, keeping your psychological health in good shape helps keep you healthy and guard against significant health issues. Here is everything you need to know about many sorts of health, from maintaining a healthy way of living to prevent chronic disease. In this article, let's discuss how poor mental health can affect our physical health. 

Here are ways in which our mental health can affect our physical health:

1. Poor quality of sleep

Sleep disorders including insomnia or sleep apnea are more prevalent in those with mental health issues. It might be challenging to fall or remain asleep when you have insomnia. Breathing issues brought on by sleep apnea can make you regularly wake up.

2. Proneness to chronic diseases

Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions have all been related to mental health issues like schizophrenia and depression. This is why it's crucial to get regular medical checkups and checkups if you have a mental health condition so that your doctor can diagnose you and, if necessary, start early intervention.

3. High risk of cardiovascular diseases

When it comes to the condition of your heart, a number of factors, such as high blood pressure, an elevated and sustained heart rate, and calcium build-up, might make you more susceptible to disease. The impact of these risk factors on mental health is possible. For instance, If you're under a lot of pressure, your body releases too much cortisol, a stress hormone that can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. These elevated cortisol levels have the potential to cause chronic heart and vascular disease if left untreated.

4. Digestive issues 

This has nothing to do with the unpleasant sensation you could have in your stomach before a major event if you're anxious. These feelings are just one illustration of how the mind may affect the stomach. In reality, it has been discovered that long-term depression, stress, and/or worry can alter the digestive tract's physiology, changing how it works and, in some circumstances, exacerbating pain and discomfort.

5. Affects longevity 

It has been shown that severe and persistent mental health difficulties might actually reduce overall life expectancy because mental health has such a profound impact on the entire body. This is because mental illness can affect a wide range of factors, including immunological function, resilience to chronic health disorders, and more.

Now that you understand the impact poor mental health has on our overall health, make sure to take the right steps towards maintaining a healthy physical as well as mental well-being. 

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