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5 Fruits To Treat Diabetes

We present you five mouth-watering fruits which will help you to tackle diabetes head-on.

5 Fruits To Treat Diabetes

These are by far the best fruits out there to tackle diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease which occurs when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or when our cells become resistant to insulin. This disease requires a strict diet regime with no scope for relaxation. The moment you are diagnosed with diabetes you might feel that your life's sweetness has been taken away (quite literally)! There is a lot of confusion about what fruits to eat so that they don't accidentally elevate the blood sugar level in your body.

This World Diabetes Day, we bring to you an exotic list of super-foods you can eat to satisfy your sweet tooth and your doctor.

Pomegranates - They are filled to the brim with antioxidants and serve as a perfect antidote against several chronic diseases. Pomegranate juice also helps to cut down the risk of cardio vascular diseases. The tempting red seeds needn't be avoided anymore, they will help you tackle diabetes and provide you with a tasty snack along the way too.

Strawberries - Strawberries have a high content fiber, manganese, folate, and a lot of vitamin C. They have a low glycemic index hence it's slowly released in the blood stream as glucose, keeping the blood sugar in check. It enhances one's immunity, has cancer fighting ability and increases metabolism, which in turn catalyses your loss of weight.

Kiwi - The fruit has a low glycemic index and do not spike the blood sugar level as they digest slowly. They are a compact source of fiber and vitamin C. A regulated diet of this fruit will help you in maintaining a healthy level of sugar in your blood.

Apples - It's finally time to say this: An apple a day actually keeps a doctor away. They have all the essential attributes to tackle diabetes. They are filled with antioxidants. Other than this the have a healthy amount of fibre and are also a quick and tasty snack. According to the American journal of clinical nutrition. Apples work best against risk of type 2 diabetes and should be inculcated in a diabetics food.

Watermelon - The sugar content might appear much but is actually at a moderate level. Coontrolled portions will help you achieve a healthy mix of sugar and hydration. Watermelons have a lot of useful minerals, fiber and high-water content. This is likely to reduce hunger as it will create a feeling of fullness without actually filling you up, thus helping you to avoid over-eating.

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Happy World Diabetes Day!


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