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Diabetics, Here's How Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Levels Can Affect Your Skin

Diabetes can lead to many issues involving skin problems. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can have many complications and even lead to severe health conditions. Here's the relation between diabetes and skin issues explained by experts.

Diabetics, Heres How Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Levels Can Affect Your Skin

Diabetes can affect skin of the patient


  1. Diabetes requires proper management of blood sugar levels
  2. Uncontrolled blood sugar level can lead to many complication
  3. One can face many skin issues due to diabetes

Diabetes is associated with multiple complications. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause many severe complications. It can increase the risk of many serious health issues and also affects different organs of the body. Similarly a diabetic can suffer from skin issues as well due to increase in blood sugar levels. A diabetic needs to take care of their skin to tackle skin issues caused by diabetes. Increased blood sugar levels can majorly affect feet of the patient. Here's the relation between diabetes and skin problems explained by expert.

Diabetes and skin issues: Relation between the two

Dr. Sweety Agrawal explains, "Uncontrolled type-2 Diabetes can cause skin infections, rendering it scaly and pigmented, especially over the lower limb area. Elderly diabetics in particular tend to have very dry skin and bluish pigmented spots over their legs and feet due to leakage of fluids into the bloodstream. Hair follicle infections are also very common. Once the infection starts, it can lead to more infections and even spread to the underlying tissue. If you notice dark pigmentation on the back of the neck, then it is an indication you have severe insulin resistance and the body has been compensating by overproducing insulin. The excess insulin causes the dark lines and small skin tags around the back of the neck. Patients with diabetes need to take care of their skin and moisturise it frequently. They should also take care of their feet to prevent cracks and further infections."


Uncontrolled blood sugar levels are associated with skin issues
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Dr. Nandini Barua also adds "A diabetic person can have a lot of skin complications, from something very minor just like a black spot or a skin tag, the tendency to have these skin tags and blemishes etc. increases 4 to 5 times in diabetic patients. Some major infections like folliculitis, for instance, if you get your wax done then the patient might get infection very easily. If the sugar is controlled then you wouldn't have all these, but if it is uncontrolled then simple issues like waxing can lead to major skin infections. Fungal issues are again very common, a diabetic patient is 3 times more susceptible to these. In fungal infection, Itching in the groin or in the folds of the skin, this infection can spread to the whole family. The immunity of the person decreases if the sugar is not controlled, so the person can catch infections easily. On the face you tend to have age spots and black spots, so you need to be more cautious with the sugar values and should be monitored regularly every month. Diabetic foot is one of the serious issues which can be seen, the person who is diabetic, the infections take double the time to heal, so if the infection doesn't heal it turns into an ulcer which sometimes may lead to gangrene and amputation of feet."

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(Dr. Sweety Agrawal, Endocrinologist, Columbia Asia, Gurgaon)

(Dr. Nandini Barua Sr. Consultant Dermatology Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon)

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