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Eating Disorders In Children: Know Different Types And Their Symptoms

Eating disorders can lead to several issues and increase the risk of multiple chronic conditions. Many children experience eating disorders of different types. Here are some of these and their symptoms.

Eating Disorders In Children: Know Different Types And Their Symptoms

Eating disorders in children may affect their development

Eating disorders can affect a child's overall health. It can lead to deficiencies of several essential nutrients or lead weight gain in some cases. There is no fixed cause of eating disorder in children but biological, social and behavioural factors can contribute to this condition. Children or teens with eating disorders may experience distress, low self-esteem, fear of being overweight, weakness, fatigue and much more. If left uncontrolled for longer it can also cause anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. There are three types of eating disorders that can affect children. Here's everything you need to know about these and what can be done about these.

Eating disorder in children: Know the different types

1. Anorexia

In this type, the person has the fear of gaining weight and become dangerously thin. People with this disorder eat less than requires on purpose. Some of the symptoms that can be experienced in this type are- less than normal weight, undernourished, low energy levels and negative body image.


Consumption of fewer calories than required can affect your child's weight
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2. Bulimia

In this condition, a person overeats followed by actions to make up for overeating. Usually, the person vomits willingly. Some also try fast weight loss pills or heavy exercises. This can significantly increase the risk of several chronic conditions.

3. Binge eating

In binge eating the person overeats in a large amount. It leads to overweight and a higher risk of serious health conditions. It often makes the person feel guilty after binge eating. You may notice the child getting indulged extra calorie consumption.

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