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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Watch Out For These 8 Early Signs Of RA

A huge aspect of correct treatment is early diagnosis. Continue reading as we share the early signs of RA.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Watch Out For These 8 Early Signs Of RA

Pain and stiffness in joints are common early signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis

A chronic inflammatory condition, rheumatoid arthritis can harm more than just your joints. Skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and blood vessels are just a few of the physiological systems that the illness might harm in some people. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune illness that develops when your immune system unintentionally targets the tissues in your own body.

The immune system defends against intruders like germs and viruses in a healthy person. When a person has an autoimmune disorder, such as RA, their immune system misidentifies the body's cells as foreign invaders and releases inflammatory chemicals that attack the misidentified cells. 

The synovium, the tissue lining a joint that secretes a fluid to aid in the joint's smooth motion, is attacked in RA. The swollen, red, and sensitive joint area is caused by the thickening of the inflammatory synovium, which also makes moving the joint challenging. 

The causes of RA remain unknown to researchers. They postulate that these people may have particular genes that are brought on by an environmental trigger, such as a virus or bacteria, physical or emotional stress, or some other outside element. A huge aspect of correct treatment is early diagnosis. Continue reading as we share the early signs of RA.

Early signs of RA you must look out for:

1. Morning stiffness

One of the primary signs of many kinds of arthritis, including RA, is morning stiffness. You might be experiencing a RA flare if you wake up with stiffness in some joints that lasts for more than 30 minutes. After prolonged activity, joints frequently feel more mobile.

2. Redness and swelling in joints

When the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis flares up, your joints may turn red and feel warm to the touch. Rheumatoid arthritis destroys the lining of your joints. They could enlarge as well.

3. Fatigue

You can experience a noticeable increase in weariness and tiredness while performing the same tasks you typically do since your body needs energy to battle inflammation. Even if you don't experience any other symptoms, you could be experiencing a RA flare if this exhaustion persists for longer than a few weeks.

4. Numbness or tingling

Your nerves may become compressed if your tendons are inflamed. This could result in carpal tunnel syndrome, which can make your hands feel numb, tingly, or burning. These signs and symptoms are brought on by joint inflammation, which can obstruct nerves and create numbness.

5. Constant stiffness

You might suffer general joint stiffness throughout the day in addition to morning stiffness, particularly after a period of inactivity. The wrists, as well as several joints in the hands and feet, are some of the first places that RA stiffness commonly affects, but pain and stiffness can also occur in the knees or shoulders. Both of your body's sides will often be impacted.

6. Restricted movement 

A person may experience difficulty bending their wrist back and forth in the early stages of RA. As the illness worsens, ligaments and tendons may also suffer joint damage, making it difficult to bend and straighten them. 

7. Fever

A small fever may be an early indicator of a RA flare when it's accompanied by additional symptoms like joint pain and inflammation. This is often accompanied by lack of energy and constant state of fatigue. 

8. Weight loss

Unexpected weight loss is a third early indicator of RA and may be an indirect result of inflammation. Someone may lose their appetite when they are sick and worn out, which might result in weight loss.

Keep these signs in mind if you think you are prone to RA.

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