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Bone-Healthy Lifestyle: These 5 Small Changes Can Help Keep Your Bones Strong

From a healthy diet to strength training, here are a few things you can do to boost your bone health.

Bone-Healthy Lifestyle: These 5 Small Changes Can Help Keep Your Bones Strong

Performing strength training can help boost bone health

Maintaining healthy bones is essential for a healthy life. Bones form the structural framework, and hence it is necessary to keep them strong for the smooth functioning and movement of the body. In these hectic schedules of city life, people often experience bone pain. This is because of the unhealthy lifestyle being followed by people these days. It is necessary to make some small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on our body and help us protect ourselves from bone-related problems.

Tips for healthy bones

1. Healthy nutrition intake: A well-balanced, nutritious diet is necessary for strong bones. Calcium and vitamin D are major contributors to strong and healthy bones. These are present in dairy products, seafood and green vegetables. Vitamin D can be easily obtained from sunlight. A diet lacking these nutrients results in the diminishing of bone density and, hence, an increased risk of pain and fractures.

2. Performing appropriate physical activities: Bones develop stronger when we involve ourselves in physical activities, especially weight-bearing exercises. This enhances our bone density and builds stronger muscles that support bones. Devoting some time to physical activities such as walking, running and weight training encourages the body to maintain healthy bones and reduce bone loss.

3. Reduce drinking and smoking habits: Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can affect bone health. Substance abuse also reduces the body's ability to consume calcium and other necessary nutrients that help build strong bones. Smoking weakens the body, which makes it difficult to perform physical activities. It is advisable to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption for strong and healthy bones.

4. Maintaining a healthy weight: Healthy body weight is essential for bone health. Both being overweight and underweight can negatively impact the bones and your overall health. Low body weight reduces bone density and being overweight impairs bone quality and increases stress due to weight-related issues. Cycling between gaining and losing weight also harms bone health. A balanced weight should be maintained through proper nutrition and exercise habits.

5. Get regular health check-ups: Regular bone health check-ups like a bone density scan and calcium and vitamin D measurements are essential for the early diagnosis of weakened bones. Early check-ups protect the body from chronic problems and help maintain healthy bones.

Hence, a bone-healthy lifestyle doesn't require major changes. Making small and consistent lifestyle changes can have a big impact on bone health. Bones form the foundation of the body, and therefore negligence in maintaining bone health can cause severe impact in the later stages of life.

(Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Consultant - Orthopedics at Manipal Hospital, Ghaziabad)

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