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Is a vaginal boil a sign of AIDS?

Q: My neighbour (40 years old lady) was advised HIV test after she got a boil on her vagina which got cured after 4 days. She is very simple and feels there is no chance of getting such a disease but the doctors say that anybody can get it by going to a dentist or misuse of injections. Now she is afraid and her husband is not even touching her. What should be done? Is going for HIV test the only way to detect it? Is the doctor misguiding her (sorry for saying so)? She is suffering from high triglycerides and high B.P.

A:A boil on the genital organs of a women or a man is not a manifestation of HIV infection. On the other hand, a person with an ulcer or infection of the genital organs is more prone to HIV if otherwise exposed to infection. Advise your friend to get an anonymous test done giving a false name if she is worried. Tell her husband to go back to his normal behaviour if the infection is healed.


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