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Am I at a risk of HIV infection?

Q: I am a 23 years old male who had a corn in my finger, which I burnt out by applying carbolic acid. Two days back while I was injecting a patient in his vein I found a little bit of his blood on my burnt corn. I don't know whether the patient had HIV infection or not. Please advise.

A:A weeks symptoms usually do not justify treatment with medications - the trials and tribulations of everyday life can cause us all to feel low for brief periods. However if this persists or is a frequent recurrence, an evaluation with a psychiatrist is the way to go. Based on the evaluation, medications or psychotherapy or a combination may provide the remedy.

A:If fresh blood of a HIV patient enters an area of broken skin, HIV can be transmitted to the recipient. However, since it is not clear whether the patient had HIV or not, you better wait for 10-12 weeks and get yourself tested for HIV. Alternatively, if you can get hold of the patient, you can get him tested for HIV. If the patient turns out to be HIV negative, all your fears and worries would be removed right now.


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