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How can we disinfect a syringe?

Q: I am in a dilemma. Many doctors in Kolkata say that it is not true that boiling water for 20 minutes will disinfect a syringe 100% if it is contaminated with HIV/AIDS virus. For that we have to keep it in some chemicals but they are reluctant to disclose the name of the chemicals. Which chemicals should be used such that the syringe becomes 100% disinfected?

A:If a glass syringe is sterilised by adequate boiling it is sterilised, including for HIV. Disposable syringes should not be sterilised for reuse as they deteriorate. Rinsing a syringe and needle with water twice, than with a solution of sodium hypochlorite (photographers hypo) or with household bleach twice and then rinsed with water twice (2+2+2) will make the syringe safe for HIV but not for other infections. Preferably use boiled sterile water.


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