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How can I be sure that a syringe is safe?

Q: I need your expert advice to clear a doubt regarding HIV. It has been found that people coming from pathology labs to collect blood samples use syringes that have previously been used. Once, I saw on television news that used syringes are packed and sold in the market with a brand name and are used by pathologists in an unknown manner. I would like to know how to ensure that syringes (packed and then broken in front of us) don't contain HIV. Should we dip the syringes in some chemical? If so, please mention the name of the chemical and the procedure to make them absolutely safe and HIV free.

A:Always insist on a new and sealed disposable syringe, preferably one that self-destructs and can not be re-used. If you are unsure, buy and keep your own syringes from a reliable dealer. Do not attempt to sterilise syringes yourself.


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