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Do I need to get a HIV test done?

Q: One month back I went to a doctor for body pain and was given injections for it. My problem is that I am not sure whether the nurse used a disposal needle or not. After some time I went to the same hospital and enquired about the needle so they said that they used only disposable needles but my friend enquired personally the nurse regarding this matter. She said that sometimes they used it twice. I consulted some doctors & counselors who gave different solutions. In the meantime I have taken Hepatitis B vaccine today. My question is: do I need to take HIV test after 6 months or not? If I do a HIV test, will the Hepatitis B vaccine will affect the HIV result or not? I have never had sex with others but my wife.

A:If you do not trust the clinic you should buy a syringe and a needle from the chemist before going to the doctor for any test/injections. You should test your blood for the virus by PCR at the end of 2 weeks and then repeat at the end of 4 and 6 weeks. From 6 weeks onwards you can get HIV antibody test done every 4 weeks for at least 12 months. 99.9% patients become positive after exposure within 12 weeks The Hep B vaccine will not interfere with HIV results.


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