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Can sharing a toothbrush lead to HIV infection?

Q: I am quite worried. Some months ago I was visiting relatives of my best friend in another state. The aunt of my friend looked like she was on IV drugs but I have no proof. We did, however, smoke marijuana together. This happened maybe twice during the weekend I was there. Also, in the guest bedroom she let me stay in, there was a bathroom that I used. Upon the sink in a tray was a toothbrush that looked identical to the one I had brought for myself from home. I am scared that I may have accidentally used this toothbrush, and if so, I may be at risk of catching HIV? Absolutely no sexual activities took place. I am worried for having used the toothbrush. What should I do?

A:The chances of getting HIV infection through a tooth brush are almost negligible. The brushes are washed after use and then the tooth paste has antiseptic activity. As it is transmission of virus through saliva is uncommon, UNLESS the saliva is contaminated by blood from bleeding gums.


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