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Can I get AIDS if the condom ruptures during sex?

Q: I went to a massage parlour and had sex with the female using a condom. I released in 6 to 7 stroke and after finishing I saw that the condom was torn. I have heard that even if the female is HIV positive the chances of getting the HIV is 1 in 200 chances. Is this true? Please help.

A:It is correct that the rate of infection after sex with an infected person without any protection is very low, maybe even less that 1:200 that you mention. But will this low rate be a consolation if you are the one! Please take all precautions from now onwards what ever your HIV status. Also until you have a definitive report, please ensure you do not spread the disease to others. An infected person is infective even if the test is still negative. Get a test done now and again after 3 and after 6 months.


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