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Can discharge from the nipple cause HIV infection?

Q: I had sex with a commercial sex worker with condom and the condom was intact but I sucked her nipple once. I have been told that nipple sucking is unlikely to cause HIV transmision unless there is a dicharge from the nipple. My questions are: 1. Generally when is discharge from the nipple seen?
2. What is my chance of getting infected?

A:If you used the condom correctly and there was no tear or break in the condom, the chance of your getting HIV infection is negligible and you should not be unduly concerned about it. There is a discharge from the nipple while lactating (breast milk contains HIV) and in certain pathological conditions of the breast. Normal breasts do not have a discharge. Please remember that the only 100% safe practise is to abstain from casual sex, especially with persons who have many sexual partners. If that is not possible, remember to use a condom from start to finish.


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