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Will the HIV virus enter my body?

Q: First situation: I wear lose baggy pants which always drag on the floor. They once touched blood lying on the floor, which I suspect was AIDS blood. When I reached home (after about 30 minutes) I took off my pants and went for a bath. I used soap and hot water. However, I forgot to put soap on my leg and feet, I just put soap on my body but when I washed it off the soap eventually reached my legs and feet. Will the soap and the hot water kill the HIV virus? Second situation: There is a wound on my face which has already clotted. What if there is HIV virus somewhere on my face and I rub the wound with tissue papers and the clot breaks, will the virus enter me this way?

A:First of all: RELAX and ENJOY your life! In situation one: there is no chance of HIV entering your body. HIV is a very sensitive virus. It is killed by hot water and soap very easily. Indeed any detergent, 70% alcohol, iodine solution, household bleach, etc kill this virus within a minute. In situation two: Do not be hypochondriac! Every one of us has some cuts or pimples on our face. The virus (HIV) does not float around in the environment. It is only present in the body fluids including blood. Entry of the tainted body fluids including blood or blood products into the body of the recipient is the only way the virus can infect an individual.


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