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Will I get infected if I have sex with my HIV positive partner?

Q: I am writing to you in a state of real confusion. Recently my wife tested positive for HIV where as I tested negative, is it really possible not to get infected even while having regular and unprotected sex (both vaginal and oral). One more thing, a year ago I was addicted to phensedyl cough syrup and used to take about 250 ml a day; does it have any relation or effect on the HIV detection test? Please solve my problem I am in real trouble, also please advise how to quit my addiction forever. I have also developed few sores (wounds) on my penis inner skin and there are few dots on the head of the penis as well which gives me a burning sensation sometimes. Please note that I have had sex recently with my wife with the wound on my penis, your advice will be highly appreciated and welcomed.

A:Yes it is possible that you were not infected even though you had sex with her without protection. I would suggest the following:

  • Use a condom properly from now on.
  • Get another test for your wife if the ELISA was not repeated to confirm the infection.
  • Get your test also repeated if your wife's status is confirmed.
  • Your test should be 3 months after your last unprotected intercourse with your wife.
  • See a specialist about the ulcer on your penis and get it treated regardless of the diagnosis.
  • Stop taking phensedyl or other drugs and attend a de-addiction clinic immediately.
  • Please also remember that your wife will need your support at this trying time.


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