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Will I get HIV/AIDS?

Q: Yesterday I had contact with a call girl. It was for just about 15 - 20 minutes. It just involved hugging and kissing, the kissing too was just a dry kiss. I was in my undergarments and even the girl was in her undergarments. I just kissed her upper part of the breast and cheeks. Also she kissed me on my chest and it was just a dry kiss. All this while I was wearing a condom and I masturbated. After I came home I took a hot water bath and washed my penis and chest region with soap and hot water. I noticed that I had a small heat boil, very small on my chest, but there was no blood or pus, it was just a heat boil. She did not kiss on it nor touch it. She even told me that regularly she has ELISA/STD and Hepatitis B test done and 2 months back she had done it and was negative. Doctor I am worried, please help.

A:HIV is transmitted through 1. Sexual intercourse 2. HIV contaminated/tainted blood and blood product transfusion 3. Sharing needles (intravenous drug users)/ sharing shaving razors 4. Mother to child (if mother is HIV infected). HIV is not transmitted through dry kissing. However, the virus may enter body through oral sex and wet/french kisses in which saliva is exchanged. Therefore one should not indulge in sex with unknown or with casual partners.


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