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Why do I not feel like talking to anyone?

Q: I am 20 years old and don't like to talk too much. If anybody talks before me I become very angry. I feel embarrassed and want to be alone all the time. Please tell me what to do?

A:It is not clear from your question, if this is the way you feel typically or if this is a recent change. People have different personalities. While some are more sociable and outgoing, others might be more reserved. However, you seem to suggest that you face this problem with everyone. In that case, my guess would be that you are dealing with some stress or similar issue that prevents you to enjoy the company of others. Try to evaluate your thoughts and see what might be bothering you and resolve these issues. Also you can begin by sharing a little at a time with some people that you are comfortable with. Try and engage in some activities that have a relaxing effect on your mind including some form of physical activity. If you still do not feel better then please consult a psychologist who can make an assessment of the problem.


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